“Savagery and regressivity epitomize the disfigured lands of Varisia. Jagged mountain chains break the worthless, dusty clay at queer and reckless lengths. Tangled forests grow wild with titan weeds—the flora of these fecund briars little more than tenacious brambles. Blasted reaches of cracked earth and rolling scrub form the parched paradises of all manner of backward savages, including the doomed final generations of humanity’s brutish ancestors. And everywhere the land bears the scars of a forgotten people whose eroding ruins and crude attempts at artistry litter a landscape already scarred by its own geological leprosy.”
—Darvayne Gios Amprei; Merciless: Abendego, Belkzen, Varisia, and Other Hells

Can you imagaine a better place for adventure?

Runelords on the Rise

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