Runelords on the Rise

An adventure begins

Entry from the log of Talak

What a day its been!

After a long jouney I arrived in Sandpoint. As I approched the town I was amazed by the number of people. I asked a the gards if there was something special going on or was there always this many people. I found out it was the Swallowtail festival and also the dedication of a church. I told Pip to be on his best behavior.

I somehow was able to find a room at an inn, and asked the inn keeper for direction to the herb shops and where I could grab a bite to eat. He suggested I go up to the celebration happening up at the cathedral. I don’t know if it was nerves because of all the people or a preminition of what was to come but I left the inn in full gear.

I went up and browsed the vendors booths checking out their wares. Before buying anything I decied to try some of the food. When I asked how much I owed the sever how much I owed, she told me it was on the house because of the festival. As anyone who has traveled the land like I have, you never turn away a free meal. I’m sad to say it but some of that food was better than mom’s. I went and stocked up on herbs and other neccesites.

I was on the edge of the crowd checking out a few stands that I hadn’t seen earlier when there was a sound like thunder. I turned and tried to hear what the preist, or whatever he was, was saying. While scaning the crowd I noted out of the corner of my eye a felow Shoanti, a fighter of somesort based off the greatsword he was carring. I caught movement from covered wagon that was behind me, I thought it was probably rats but just in case I sent up Pip to keep an eye out for trouble.

I sensed that Pip had something that I needed to see so I concentrated and looked through his eyes. I saw that the lower part of the city was on fire and that there were small humanoids crossing the 2 bridges into town. I told Pip to cry out as loud as he could, and the shouted GOBLIN in Shoanti to warn the fighter I had seen. He must have seen something because he took off immediately, meanwhile the cover of the wagon came off and out came 3 goblins. One came right at me, one started trying to light a torch and the third when into the crowd. I took a swing at the goblin with my sword and missed. The goblin near me attacked me with his dogslicer, luckly for me it was rusty so it didn’t do much damage. Noting that the torch wielding goblin had gotten it lit I took a step back and cast water on it. The look of confusion on the goblin’s face was priceless. Someone must have dropped some coin because the goblin nearest me took off running. In the background I heard a channting though I couldn’t pay to much attention to it. The goblin that I had drenched wasn’t at all happy about being wet and came after me. It was rather clumsy and ended up droping its sword, I had Pip divebomb it, and he was able to kill the thing. Good eagle.

The chanting was getting louder and I noticed it was coming from behind me, I turned around and noticed a goblin riding a worg flanked by 2 goblins. Looked around and it looked like I was the closest. Oh SHIT! Someone else must have been free and noticed them because the 2 goblins flaking the worg rider fell asleep. I cast entangle to try and slow/stop the worg riders progress. The worg rider looked at me, pointed at me and started to laugh. The next thing I know I’m laughing uncontrolably, I couldn’t stop. I don’t remember the next few min that well, I remember seeing the worg fall asleep, and really thought that was funny. When I finnaly regain my composure I notice the Shoanti I had noticed earlier had killed the goblin leader and was killing off the slepping worg and goblins. He looked injured and I thought about healing him but noticed a injured goblin fleeing, I sent Pip to attack it. Pips blow nearly killed it but somehow the goblin kept on running. I let him go figuring he’d die from his injuries.

The other heros and I helped out where we could for the next hour when we were asked to meet with the sherrif, mayor, and a monk that looked important. They asked if we could investigate the goblin clan that attacked the town. I asked if there was anyone in the town was familar with the area that the goblin clan lives in. We were told to go see a Madame Mvashti, who was apparently the oldest person in the town. We talked to her and found out about a secret entrence into the caves the goblins live in. We thanked her and called it a night, thankfully the inn I was staying at was spared from the flames.



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