Cleric of Desna


Parents: Illsur (Father) – clan historian/storyteller (deceased), Haiera (Mother) – weaver

Other: Axadaz – cleric of Desna, Arianah’s master (deceased)

As a child, Arianah traveled with her parents & clan: her mother Haiera wove/sold cloth, her father Illsur was clan historian and a storyteller. She was adventurous & loved to run off and explore everything. She loved to stargaze & was taught about Desna, the goddess her clan followed and learned many things while traveling through Varisia. Sadly Illsur fell sick with an illness that couldn’t be cured, much to the grief of Arianah and her mother.

One day Axadaz, a traveling Varusian cleric of Desna, asked to spend a night with her clan & took care of Illsur. Arianah was fascinated by him & listened to all of his stories about what he had seen and done. Her father died & Axadaz helps put him to rest. She asked him if she could accompany him, feeling drawn to the life of a cleric. Haiera , while saddened to let her daughter leave, told him Illsur always felt Desna had a special destiny for their daughter. With her mother’s permission, Arianah accompanied the cleric on his journey. Arianah learned from him all she can about Desna and her faith and came to regard Axadaz as a second father to her.

One night, the two were attacked by goblins while traveling. They fight the goblins off but Axadaz was wounded by the leader whose dogslicer blade was poisoned (unknown to them). The cleric’s wound healed but the poison took its toll and he became ill. As Axadaz was dying, he told Arianah of a dream he had: she was journeying towards Sandpoint & meeting four figures at its gate with who she would find her way in the world. Before he died, he gave her his starknife & made her a cleric. After helping to bury her master, Arianah made her way towards Sandpoint a few days before the Swallowtail Festival.

Arianah is petite for a Varisian, with olive skin, auburn hair w. lt. red highlights, and dark violet eyes. While on the road/adventuring, she can be found wearing scale armor, comfortable traveling boots, and a modified traveling version of her formal cleric robes – a hooded tabard & cap trimmed with dark purple, blue & silver. Her weapons are a morningstar & the starknife that was her master’s.

She is very wise for her young age & loves the freedom of the road, seeing & experiencing all she can. She does her best to help in a fight, whether it be fighting or healing. Arianah loves the traditions of her heritage, especially the Butterfly Flight, the dance to honor Desna.


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