Runelords on the Rise

Discovery In Sandpoint

After a few days journey, I finally made my way to the city of Sandpoint, glad to be in time for the Swallowtail Festival. All around me, I could see the people of the city excitedly preparing for the celebration as I entered the lower part of the city. Knowing the story of Sandpoint’s cathedral from my master, I was happy to see the citizens excited to celebrate its rebirth. Finding a small inn in the lower city, I found I was tired from all of my traveling on the road & decided to take a short rest so I would be ready for the celebration.

I awoke much later to see that it was nighttime & that I overslept! I was annoyed for having slept so long, but knew the festival would continue long into the night. My annoyance, however, quickly turned to alertness as I suddenly heard the sounds of people screaming, the shouts of the city guard, and smelled smoke. Grabbing my robes & my starknife, I raced out of the inn and into the streets where I saw nothing but chaos. And not the chaos that is Desna’s delight…

I saw bright flames and the horrible sight of a building on fire. Turning towards the sounds of cries, I saw a crowd rushing down from the upper half of the city. I dodged them as best I could and stopped a city guard running past me. I asked what was wrong; he recognized my robes & told me that during the benediction of the cathedral, a horde of goblins had appeared from out of nowhere and attacked the crowd! They were also attacking the lower city but the guard had managed to hold their own against them. He then asked if I might be able to help the wounded who had come running from the upper city, most of them women and children.

I made my way among them, healing their wounds. I silently thanked Desna for no serious injuries or deaths, but felt myself grow angry at the audacity of the goblins to attack on such a sacred day! I then made my way towards the upper city to see if I could help there. When I reached it, I saw that everything had been brought under control. I healed a few wounded citizens & heard them talking about four heroes who had stopped the goblin attack. Curious, I made my way towards the church, wondering if perhaps I could talk to the cleric there…

I went into the church and asked two very frightened acolytes if I might speak to the head cleric. They ran over to a tall man with a long white beard and spoke to him, pointing in my direction. He then came over, recognized I was also one of Desna’s clerics, and introduced himself as Brother Zantus. Despite his weariness, he sat down & told me about the goblin attack during the benediction. I asked about the heroes and he seemed to brighten at their mention. He said that they had come to the city for the celebration and had managed to not only kill most of the goblins, but also the goblin warchanter leading them. There were four of them: a rogue, a sorcerer and two Shoanti – a barbarian and a druid.

I asked where I might find them; Brother Zantus told me that he, the sheriff & the mayor had asked them if they could help discover why the goblins had attacked the city that night. They been sent to Madame Mvashti, the eldest Varisian in the city for information about the goblins. He pointed me in the direction of her home & with many thanks, I made my way there. When I found her home, I arrived just in time to see the four heroes heading toward the city. There was a rogue with a long black cloak, mumbling something about losing his coins to goblins, a sorcerer who was deep in thought, a very massive Shoanti barbarian with some missing patches of chest hair, and a Shoanti druid with a large eagle sitting on his shoulder. They looked exhausted & bore signs of having been in a fight. It was then I decided to let them rest for the night & returned to my room at the inn to meditate, prepare my spells, and to seek them out the next day. I had a feeling that maybe these were the ones I was looking for…



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