Shoanti Druid


The begining My father, Kalack, was born into the Sklar-Quah and was one of their best rangers. One day while hunting deer, he got between a mother bear and her cubs. He was able to kill the mother bear but not before getting mauled. The next day my mother, Yola, was out looking for rare medicinal plants when she her a moan, she found my father near death. Over the next couple of days my mom tended his wounds till he was well enough to travel. My mother who was Shriikirri-Quah, took him back to her village to recuperate though the coming winter. During this time they fell in love.

A few years later I was born. Growing up I was almost always out in the wood, either hunting and learning how to track from my dad or about medicinal plants and edible plants from my mom. I was a bit unusal in that I always was curious about the outside world. I was always eager to hear stories from traders. Once I reached the age of 10, I was accepted as an apprentice to our village’s shaman.


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